Niel Copeland

    Niel has been cycling all his life, at least as far back as he can remember. From messing about on bikes as a child, to mountain bike racing back in the early days when bike were rigid and brakes weren’t very good, through to all the classic European sportives such as L’Etape De Tour, La Maratona and the Haute Route, he’s done most things on a bike. For the last 3 years he’s moved into the world of ultra racing with podiums at some of the toughest races in the world including the Inca Divide and the Race Around Rwanda.

    That love of cycling saw him set up Turn Cycling in 2017, with the aim of helping every kind of rider get fitter, ride faster and travel further. He currently coaches a range of cyclists from those looking to make the most out of their pastime to some top level ultra racers and bike packers. He works not only on the physiological aspect of cycling and cycle training, but on all areas necessary to excel at ultra racing including mindset, sleep, nutrition and equipment.


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