Duncan Orrock

    Duncan has been a Pilates and Movement teacher for over fifteen years, teaching and educating clients, student teachers and teaching professionals alike. Alongside the classes and private sessions he runs from his own studio, Duncan is part of the education team for Body Control Pilates. He has developed and taught a number of workshops and courses, including the “Pilates for Runners” course, which was rolled out in 2015.

    Whilst Duncan claims no long-standing background as a runner, his recent accomplishments are plentiful. Duncan has run 19 Marathons, one Ultra, numerous Half-marathons and 10Ks and has qualified for a “Good for Age” London Marathon place 5 years in a row. During the July 2020 mini heatwave, he undertook a challenge to run as many miles a day as it was day of the month, potentially culminating in 496 miles for the month. Ask him the story of how close he got to the end!

    As his experience with teaching movement grew, so did his interest in how we can apply this to running. An increasing part of Duncan’s work is now focused on teaching running clients directly, and professional teachers who run themselves or simply teach those that do. When Duncan isn’t teaching, self-training (to run), reading about running or watching video footage of elite runners run, he is of course out running. Duncan has recently founded “Runiac” – a platform for his run- focussed teaching. Pretty much sums him up!